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[Looking 4] Blank tennis bracelets

I am looking(and hopefully you can guide me) for someplace that
would carry “blank” tennis bracelets. I am capable of setting the
stones myself, but I do not know of anywhere that sells such
bracelets. any ideas?

Roy Huntley
Asset Management

Ital Gold in my building has literally dozens of styles in stock.
Thousands of pieces. Call them at 213-623-2206 or write 607 S Hill
St Ste 314, Los Angeles, CA 90014. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings.
no connection to them…just a satisfied customer.

for tennis bracelets try The Tennis Connection 800-359-0593. I don’t
have the address at the moment I did a cleanout of old catalogs and
theirs did not survive. My mistake as I really like the quality and
variety of their product. Now I have to call for a new catalog.
Frank Goss

Hi Roy, Brilliance Corp. has many bracelet mountings available. Their
address is:

1655 W. Market #350
Akron, Ohio 44313


I have seen wax models for the links, but not one that has been cast
and already linked. If this is a possible avenue for you, let me know
and I can see what I can do to get you the wax models. If necessary,
I could also cast them for you (for our usual casting fee), if
necessary. Let me know if I can help.

JoAnna Kelleher
Pearl Exotics Trading Company
Phoenix, AZ

Roy, Rio Grande carrys blank tennis bracelets. Ross Metals on 47th
street in New York City probably does also.

Diane Sadel

I’ve used Roseco for tennis bracelets, I’ve been very happy with
their product. They have a website:

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX