[Lookin4] DIY Hydraulic Press Instructions

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the story: Two years ago I attended a course at Haystack.
While there I was introduced to the book of handouts published by
Fred Woell. At one time the Haystack bookstore sold this book but not

I made a copy of the instructions for how to make your own hydraulic
press. After keeping the instructions safe for two years I handed
them to my husband asking that he pick up the needed pieces at the
metal shop in the Big City…You can see where this is going…

He got all the metal I needed cut to length and neatly packed in a
box then promptly lost the only instructions I had for assembly.
Divorce was discussed.

Some time ago I wrote Mr. Woell in Maine but I have not heard from
him. I would really, really like to get my press made. Does anyone
know where his book is available? Or is there a used copy taking up
space on someone’s bookshelf? Any direction on where to look next
would be greatly appreciated.

My husband would also be most grateful for any help in locating a
source for these instructions.

Just one piece of paper away from having her very own hydraulic


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Practical, Inexpensive, Hydraulic Pressing and Die Forming for the
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I have a book, “Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers & Metalsmiths” by
Susan Kingsley. It includes plans for building a press. It is
published by 20 Ton Press. If you have any questions email me

Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths
By Susan Kingsley

Price: $19.95


Joel Schwalb

Hi All,

I am still looking for a source for Fred Woell’s book " Handouts
from the 20th Century".

Specifically the instructions for the hydraulic press. I already
have the metal cut for this press, unfortunately the instructions I
had were lost.

I have written Mr. Woell in Maine and gotten no response. The email
address listed in the Snag directory is no longer active.

Does anyone have this book for sale or is anyone willing to fax me
the hydraulic press instructions at 902 354 7355?

I would really appreciate any help in this regard.

Thank you very much,

Laurie, do you have a digital camera, or are you willing to post a
list of the sizes and shapes of the pieces? Some presses have common
elements, and we might be able to figure it out. It would help to
know if the hydraulic jack mounted above, and pushed down, or below,
and pushed up. Also, was it a welded or bolt together press, and how
adjustable was it supposed to be. By that, I mean, was the "table"
adjustable up and down? By the way, if this was a horizontal device,
I can’t help.


The instructions on how to build one of these are in the back of the
Susan Kingsley book on hydraulic press.

A nice frame can also be welded out of I beams.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay