[Lookin4] casters or casting companies

Hello All!!! I’m in need of a casting Company that won’t charge me horribly
for very small amounts in sterling and/or 14k. I find the 2 companies I’ve
used have charged me more in shipping than the pieces… I live in NY
State…and I’m NEVER in a rush, so over night is WAY too much, and they
claim they don’t send any other way… HELP!!! Or contact me off line
at MW4Now@att.net Thanks in advance Mary MW Designs Upstate NY

We only get what we give…

Mary (and anyone else who’s interested): In the August issue of AJM
magazine, we have our annual casting survey. This is an extensive listing
of MJSA member casting companies, the metals they handle, the services they
provide, mold and flask sizes, and minimum order requirements.

E-mail your address to @John_Shanahan and I’ll be happy to send a copy
of the issue.

Hope this helps,


I don’t know who you have been using but I highly recommend Billanti
Casting. Their phone # is 516-775-4800 and their address is: 299 South 11th
St. PO Box 1117, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. I know that they ship UPS ground
and they are a family run business that I have been depending on for over
20 years. If you have any questions feel free to contact me off line.


Hello Mary

I too am in upstate NY - for casting I have been using JA Henkel.
Excellent work and I find them to be quiyte reasonable. They are a small
operation and provide excellent service.

JA Henkel, Co.
16 Union St.
Brunswick, ME  04011  207-729-3599

Best of Luck


Hey Mary I can cast up anything you want and any amount, we cast once a
week unless we need something for a special order and can get it to you in
one day or a month how ever you need it. Just let me know.

Contact me for more info if you’d like, Matt the Catt

hi, matt. i’m interested in finding someone to do some of my casting. i’d
appreciate some …turn over time, cost per gram (silver), cost
of molds, charges per wax piece…what size of volume can you handle,
etc. any info would be appreciated. thanks, mary

Hi Mary and Matt, I do my gold casting in house, but send the platinum work
out to AU Casting, they do a very fine job and are great to work with. I
used to have all sorts of problems with porosity and poor castings. Once I
switched to AU I have had no more problems with my platinum casting. Give
Joe and Linus a call at AU Casting 248-559-CAST and see if they can help
you out.

Good Luck,
Etienne Perret