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London's jewelry attractions

Hello all.

At the end of the year, I have the great fortune of briefly visiting
London, England and have three days completely to myself. (in the
Muswell Hill area…if that relates…)

What’s a girl to doe…indulge in all things jewellery related, of

I would appreciate any suggestion anyone might have for contemporary
jewellery ‘stuff’ – shows, exhibits, open studios, supply houses,
stone merchants or galleries…or associations that might offer the
suggestions for the list above…

I find I’m drawn to things like etching, fold forming, new ideas as
opposed to ‘historical’ stuff (not knocking it, just trying to
communicate a preference).

Any tidbit would be appreciated.

cheers, and thanks,

Well I was going to suggest British Museum, Tate Modern, and
Victoria & Albert.

Regards Charles A.

Oh you will be in heaven! I LOVE the Victoria and Albert - great
collection of jewelry and a full range of metalsmithing from
hundreds of years. Allow several hours, minimum!!! I’m sure
someone can tell you where the goldsmiths area is… blanking on it
now, but rambling down the street and window browsing is great fun
and educational.

The British Museum has the Sutton Hoo treasure with its jewelry, and
a good bit of other old pieces scattered around too… again, well
worth the visit.

Check out the British Craft Council gallery too - can’t remember the
exact name, but they might have an exhibition of interest up.

Not jewelry related particularly, but I love the Tate Modern - and
it is fun to walk across the Thames on the pedestrian bridge to get
to it… or take one of the water taxi boats…

Have fun!!!
Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

British museum of art (especially Sutton Hoo exhibit)
De Vroomens Jewellery
Victoria Albert Museum
Silver Vaults


John, Beth & Charles: GREAT thanks…with your suggestions and my
own digging, I clearly see I need MORE time!

cheers, A.

I’ll add a couple of things to what was mentioned today. The V&A,
asthey call it, is well worth the trip. The neighborhood around
Buckingham palace - I guess maybe it’s Westminster - has a great
many fine shops of all sorts, including jewelry. Garrard is
somewhere around there, as I remember. You can visit Buckingham
Palace or Windsor if the queen isn’t there - we went to Windsor and
that is really something.

The palace is wonderful, St. George’s Chapel is really something
else. But there is a vast trove of “king stuff”. Jewelry, arms,
swords, boxes, things. Engraved swords with diamond encrusted gold
hilts and scabbards, stuff like that. Windsor isn’t in London and I
remember it’s only a 4 day trip. I’d think Buckingham palace isn’t
so different. And Harrod’s lives up to it’s reputation, even if you
aren’t buying anything. Well worth a visit just to look. To say more
is pretty difficult because London is bigger, wider and vaster than
most people can imagine. It just goes on, and on, and on seemingly

From Home of The Giants-- John

PS Jo-Ann here… I Googled your town that you are staying in and
found quite a bit of There are some historical sites
and quite an interesting background. You might check with Chamber of
Commerce or some of the realtors there for more specifics…London is
easy to get to by public transportation since this town seems to be
a suburb. MHO–Jo-Ann

I wrote to the ACJ (Association of Contemporary Jewellers) in
England. Great website & members galleries. I’m completely killing
myself with drool and envy!

Below is part of their lovely reply. So even if any Ochidians can’t
get to England, here are some terrific links…enjoy.

A. (see below…)

There are a few places you should visit! 

The Dazzle Exhibition is great - as is the Southbank (Southbank
Centre, National Theatre, British Film Institute) where it's
showing. Dazzle -

Hatton Garden is always worth a look - 

If you're here on December 10th, then book a place at the
Goldsmiths' Hall tour - 

There are open studios at Cockpit Arts - 

Not specifically jewellery related but there are bits and
pieces, but the British Museum is excellent - - have afternoon tea in the
cafe on the mezzanine - Very

The Courtauld Institute at Somerset House has a wonderful
decorative arts collection - 

That’s probably enough! Have a great trip.

Hi Audrey

The jewellery quarter in London is Hatton Garden (closest tube
station is Fa= ringdon or Chancery Lane.

Hopefully the following links will work.

For contemporary jewellery you could try the Dazzle exhibition at
the National Theatre on the South Bank - it showcases recent
graduates and establisheddesigner- makers too

I don’t know what dates you will be over but The Goldsmiths company
have open days where you can have a tour running in November and
December that mightbe of interest

Two contemporary galleries worth having a look at (addresses in the
links) are Electrum Gallery

And the Crafts Council gallery

If you fancy having a tour guide I could show you around for a day
with some advanced notice - even though I only live 20 outside of
London I don’t get to go in as often as I’d like

dear Nicola! thank you SO much!..I’m still finalizing dates…but
will be in touch (privately) and see if you’d still like to get
together…you could use me as an ‘excuse’ to get into the city! A.

You must go to Bond Street. Very high end, mostly antique and
prominent jewelry houses, some more mainstream, some more modern. a
two block stretch of gorgeousness.

Catherine Galloway

The Designer Jewellers Group has their winter exhibition at the
Barbican from 8th Nov to 1st Jan. I’m not a member but I know one.
Lots of contemporary jewellery.

kind regards,
Tim Blades

you can add Lesley Craze Gallery to ur list of contemporary
jewellery galleries. saw the works of Wendy Ramshaw and David Watkins
there. it was thriling to say the least. If you go to Hatton Gdn, it
will be on the way.

btw, loved your response from ACJ…wish I had done that when I was
there2 years ago…smart move!. )

enjoy your stay : )


Subscribe to Benchpeg. It’s a U.K. biweekly jewellery email
newsletter and has a ton of current shows, venues, exhibits, etc that
are happening in the UK. It will also give you some links to places
that are worth visiting.


You absolutely must also visit the Victoria & Albert Museum - the V&A Certainly one of the best
museums around!