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London production jeweler

Hello all,

I haven’t been posting in quite sometime, so just to quickly
introduce myself again, my name is Kim Fraczek, and I am a CAD/CAM
modeler and handblown glass jewelry designer based in NYC.

In any event, I recently created a rather geometric, “twisty and
turny” model for a client based in London (Islington). Now that he
has approved the model, I had the rubber mold made here in NYC for

As we have both discovered, it would make much more sense for me to
turn the production over to someone in London to cast the next batch
and clean them up, rather than deal with the shipping from here to

Is anyone on this list interested in gaining a new client for casting
and clean-up who is based in London?

I told him I would research some people for him, and thought this
would be a good place to turn.

Thanks for any advice/replies!

kim fraczek
handmade glass jewelry designs &
jewelry creations using CAD/CAM software
(646) 387 3180 mobile NYC

Kim, My name is Rebecca Gouldson, and I’m an artist working in metal
here in the uk. I did a show with a cast glass artist called Joe
Harrington this summer, and so I’ve forwarded your email to him. He
is based outside London, but I’m sure delivery wouldn’t be a
problem. Good luck!

Rebecca Gouldson

Hi Rebecca, I suppose I was not too clear in my last message. I am
looking for a person to cast and cleanup up about 100 silvers when we
get into the production phase.

I created a CAD/CAM model for him, which I cast into silver, he
likes it, I made a mold, and now in the near future, we will want to
have the mold delivered to a London jeweler to make him X amount.
Cast, polished delivered.

I suppose because I introduced myself as a CAD/CAM and as a glass
artist, you thought I was looking for a glass caster.

In any event, thank you so much for your reply! If you are
interested in taking on this project, let me know, and I will forward
your to my friend in London.

Kindest regards,
Kim Fraczek
Hand-Blown Glass Jewelry &
Jewelry Creations using CAD/CAM software
(646) 387.3180 mobile NYC

Hi Kim, Sorry for the confusion. Yes I’d be interested in finding
out more about the commission, and then even if I can’t help, I know
a few people who probably would. Please email me off-forum at
@rebecca_gouldson with the details.