London Metropolitan University Jewelry Program

Need any input about London Metropolitan University’s Jewelry By
Project MA

I’m looking for any bit of info that anyone who has taught, lectured,
visited or gone thru this program can give me. I am interested in the
program but the University’s website isn’t all it could be and I need
info they might not want me to know. So anything is useful.
Equipment? Grad student consid eration? Instruction? Studio space?
All is good.


Hi all!

I’ve been on and off orchid since 1999 and I love the input I’ve
gotten from others’ post so here’s mine.

I’m interested in London Metropolitan University’s Jewelry by
project MA and would like to know more about the school and the
program’s reputation. Is it worth my time and effort applying? Are
there better schools in the UKwith 1yr MA’s? Anything to help with
the decision. Thanks!

Rae Mearkle

Hi Rae

I'm interested in London Metropolitan University's Jewelry by
project MA and would like to know more about the school and the
program's reputation. 

I was a student at the John Cass facility of the LMU between 2001
and 2005. I studied both jewellery and silversmithing under the City
& Guilds examination schedule which as you will know was the
standard trade qualification until C&G cancelled the examination as
a result of low take-up at the end of 2005.

So I can’t comment on the MA course but I can tell you that the uni.
has excellent facilities for design using both traditional and CAD
methods, a first class library and well equipped workshops for
silversmithing, jewellery,setting and mounting, engraving,
enamelling, chasing and repousse, and casting.

However you need to check that all of these facilities are still in
use as the withdrawal of the then C&G course did cause a problem
with the arrangement of the separate streams of study.

If you need any further you can contact me off forum.


Hi Rae

I did my MA at LGU (now LMU) some 7-8 years ago…The course is as
good as you make it since you are expected to do your project quite
independently. John Cass is ideal for you if you are wanting to
explore the more traditional/skill side of things. Doing the course
in one year is possible - but pushing it - 2 years would give you an
ideal opportunity to take the most out of the skills/facilities
offered (I took the latter choice). See also;

Other places see further:

The best place is of course the Royal College of Art - if you can
get in and have some spare time/money.

I would suggest that you pick some alternative places off the above
list and ask them to give you some names of students doing their MA’s
at the moment. If you can - visit the college/uni to talk to
students/staff & see the places yourself.

If I can be of any help, please contact me off forum

Good luck