London jewelry attraction

A really interesting place that’s not all that well known among
tourists is the London Silver Vaults. It’s more than jewelry (in
fact, there is probably much less jewelry than other things) - it’s a
true treat of antique silver items of all sorts. Google it and you’ll
find more including how to get there.

Didn’t reply to this earlier because it’s not really jewelry. I don’t
remember the names, but there are many fine jewelry shops and more
importantly antique jewelry dealers in the general vicinity of
Buckingham Palace - Garrard’s, Wartski. Jo-Ann says it was Bond

But - you can visit Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle at times
when the queen is not there - they fly a certain flag, when she is
in residence. She was at Buckingham when we were in London, and we
were staying within walking distance of Windsor (Egham/Englefield
Green). Where they signed the Magna Carta, BTW.

Windsor Castle is just the most fabulous place. St. George’s Chapel
is a trip back in time - nights of the round table and all that.
Beautifully, exquisitely made…

Inside, aside from the castle itself, is a candy store of items -
jeweled swords and arms, watches, canes - a certain amount of
jewelry. We’re talking many hundreds of items - King and Queen
stuff. A short train ride from London, towards Oxford and Bath…