London gallery recommendations

I am heading to London in two weeks and would appreciate any
of galleries or boutique stores that are receptive to
receiving new artists. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing the
new jewelry wing of the Victoria and Albert Museum!

Carolyn Tillie

Hi Carolyn,

I see on orchid that you are visiting London in a couple of weeks,
have you considered visiting the Goldsmiths Hall. There is the annual
“Goldsmiths’ Fair” over the dates you may be in London, it is on at
the Goldsmiths’ Hall from 28th Sept. to 4th Oct. The fair is closed
on the 5th Oct. and then on again from 6th Oct. to 11th Oct.


It is good to see where us UK goldsmiths have a centre for our trade
if you have never been to the Goldsmiths’ Hall.

James Miller FIPG

check out the crafts council i thoroughly enjoyed spending some time
there my last visit to the uk


Hi Carolyn

I’d agree, Goldsmiths’ is a great fair to check out while you’re

If you’re looking for permanent galleries (are you looking for a
potential outlet?) you could also check these ones out for tip-top
contemporary jewellery

And then, of course, there’s Origin, the Crafts Council supported
craft fair which runs for 2 weeks from 6 October

If you’re heading for the V+A I’d also suggest a visit to the natural
history museum across the road, to see their fantastic collection of
rocks/minerals, gems and fossils (and dinosaurs!). Be sure to get
yourself an Oystercard (a pre-pay card, you will get one from a
newsagent or tube station) as soon as you arrive, as buses and tubes
are much cheaper this way. Personally I prefer to use buses and
trains rather than the tube to get about - you get to see more of the
flavour of the city this way - but if you’re packing things in you
may need the speed of the tube!

I’m sure you’ll have a fab time

Vicky Forrester

Hi Carolyn

Here is another gallery that I have just discovered:

This gallery is at the OXO Tower, overlooking the Thames, near to
Blackfriar’s Bridge. (Lots of buses go there, also Blackfriar’s
Tube, but that was closed last week.) They were showing some fabulous
enamel work from new graduates. If you have time, take the lift to
the top of the tower to the restaurant - there is a fabulous view
over London.

The jewellery gallery at the V&A has an exquisite collection. It was
only reopened last year after being closed for a long time. The
architect Eva Jiricna won the design competition for the gallery and
that is an art in itself.

Enjoy your trip!
best wishes

Not for jewellery, but for products of the silversmiths, I recommend
a visit to the London Silver Vaults in Chancery Lane.

Larry Bima

The Silver Vaults have some jewelry and some small oddities, gorgeous
baby rattles of sterling and coral, vinaigrettes, tiny pencil
holders, tiny needle cases from chatelaines. The whole ambience is
fabulously thrilling, from my perspective. It is like a museum of
vintage gracious living, jewelry, and art pieces. I eavesdropped on
conversations about a 40,000 pound sterling menorah, about huge and
heavy trays, and about replacement spoons in a specific flatware
pattern. Some of the shopkeepers let me just browse and others wanted
to chat and show me stuff as soon as I showed interest.

It is quite an experience to visit the London Silver Vaults and I
cannot recommend it highly enough. It is permanently on my list of
places to visit in London.

Claire Ramsey
San Diego