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Logo Metal tags

I need some assistance. I recently had some custom stamps with my
logo made which I can use on blank metal tags. The quality for the
size is not acceptable.

Can someone direct me to a company that will actually make the
custom metal tags with my logo rather than a stamp which I have to
hammer onto a blank.

I have seen many small metal tags with designer logos on them that
are sharp and clear and the printing is very tiny which you need to
use a loupe to see clearly.

Thank you for any assistance.

Jeanne M. Bellone
Vintage Treasures on Ruby Lane
Jewel Collect Registered Member
VFCJ Member

Jeanne, Try Arch Crown Tags They have a
very complete line of tags.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Racecar Jewelry makes cast tags from models that we make on a CNC
system. We also have other methods of manufacturing tags that could
be of interest depending on style and quantity. Please call Daniel
Grandi at Racecar Jewelry Co for Info on making tags. Tel:
401-461-7803 east coast time

Thank you David Barzilay and Cathy Flory. I checked out the sites
that you suggested; and although both have tag supplies and custom
stamps, that is still not what I am looking for. I need to find a
source that could actually do a top quality job of producing the
metal tags themselves with my logo already on it. I know that I have
seen many vintage jewelry pieces, for instance, with the metal hang
tags which have quite a bit of detail and writing on them. You have
to look at them under a loupe, but the detail does show up.

If there are any other links or suggestions, I will also be very
happy to check those out as well. Thanks again for taking the time
to respond. Jeanne

Jeanne M. Bellone
Vintage Treasures on Ruby Lane
Jewel Collect Registered Member
VFCJ Member


Try They have list tags on their site
and I have been working on my logo to get tags made so I’d be
interested to know what you think if you use them.

Janice R. Kuhm
Darkmere Designs

Dear Jeanne, the tags you are describing are die tooled and stamped.
We have done a couple for new jewelers in the area. They are
expensive initially - about $1000 to get the dies cut, after that it
is just a matter of striking them out of the metal you choose. If
you would like more please email off line - Dina
Weavers, Annapolis Precious Metals


Rumart in RI does mine. They have numerous tags and do the stamping
for you. There is a die cost ($280) and they have a 15 gross base
metal or 7 gross sterling minimum. For base metal, they have a
source that can plate the tags in MANY finishes.


Mike Gaines
Michael A Gaines Distinctive Jewelry