Logo Custom Stamps

Hello everyone and Sincere Wishes for a Prosperous New Year. I wish
that someone could guide me where would I order a customed logo
stamp which in my case I wish it can be done in Hallmark style, that
is, the characters come embossed from the metal when the stamp
hammer strikes it and not sunk in. I have already contacted various
Stamp Makers and they said that they cannot do the work. Is it
possible that this kind of stamp making is so difficult to

Regards to you all.

Hi Talk to Martin at C&W 231 Georgia Ave Providence RI 02905
1-800-838-4233 or their website http://www.RingStamps.com/


Hello Joseph, If you can not find some one you can mail me the wanted
picture and size. With artcam an our very fine millings machine we
can make your stamp no problem.

Greetings Martin Niemeijer

N design
Molenkreek 23
8032 JK Zwolle
+31 (0)38 4539203
+31 (0)6 51831576

Sure you can get a stamp like this made but its very hard to use by
hand. Unless your going to be using it in a mechanical press of some
sort i su re wouldn’t recommend it. I had a stamp (i call it cameo
style for lack of a better name-- raised lettering on stamp) made
last month from vincen t licata at sparks steel stamps (718) 729-7659
… i could not be happier he was fast and its a quality product…
i had faxed my design to 3 pla ces for quotes and not only was he
around us$15 cheaper but he was very nice and offered to clean up
my artwork (jagged edges) for me. The other place (Harper) was more
costly just told me to find somewhere to clean it up. The last place
a mail order supply cataloque that i use really didn 't know anything
about them and appeared to be merely a middle man for so me other
manufacturer.Get more from the Web.