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Logo bags for jewelry


I have these logo bags for my jewelry that I send with the orders. My
stores like them, I like the concept of them, but not the quality. I
currently get them from Rio and they do not hold up well.

I use the Satin bags with a metallic hotstamp and the hotstamp wears
off very easily.

So, what was once a nice presentation now looks totally cheap!

Do any of you guys use logo bags? If so, do you have the same
problems? If not, would you mind sharing where you got them?

I’m not married to the satin bags. I do like them because they’re not
too pricey, and they are pretty (when they’re new).

Thanks all!

Amery Carriee Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge


Hi Amery

I like to use the organza bags and I take a business card and attach
it to the bags’ ribbon. I use the smallest size hole punch and punch
a hole in the corner of a business card. I then thread the business
card onto the ribbon that comes attached to the bag and I tie the
ribbon to secure. It could look prettier if it were a "gift tag"
rather than a business card, but it works for now.

Good Luck


Rio Grande does a ‘Hot Stamp’ to put logo’s on bags and boxes.


Rio Grande does a 'Hot Stamp' to put logo's on bags and boxes. 

Yes, Craig, I know. That’s what I’m using now and they’re kinda
crappy. The hotstamping doesn’t last long at all, as soon as you
start to use the bag it wears off. As I mentioned in my post, I was
looking for something a little nicer.

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge


Hi Amery,

If you desire the glossy look hot stamping offers there’s only
various quality stamping to choose from.

An alternative could be silkscreen printed logos, any color possible
but not glossy. Or termotransfer prints that you print yourself but
that might not be so good on darker materials. Hot stamping usually
works well on any kind of leather, paper and plastic. Or get them

We hot stamp paper and plastic boxes ourselves, that way we can buy
small amounts of whatever box we desire.




Thanks for your reply. I’m not married to the glossy look, I just
want something that looks nice when they get it, and keeps on looking
good afterwards. I was thinking of getting some embroidered, but am
having trouble finding a source that will do quantity for a good

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge


Hi there,

Check out Image Packaging. Call them and ask for a catalog and some
samples ( Most packaging companies have this
product. Plus, there are many on-line merchants who print on bags.
Also, what type of fabric is your bag? Some fabrics take to stamping
much better than others. Do not stamp on sheers like organza. Velvet
is usually okay.



Dear Amery,

I replied to you off line a few days ago but haven’t heard back from
you, so I’m replying on the Forum to make sure that my email didn’t
somehow get misdirected.

I’m really sorry you’re not satisfied with the satin bags with
metallic hotstamp we’re providing you. If you’d like to send a few of
them to my attention (and I’d be happy to send you a pre-paid
shipping label), I’d love to see what’s going on with them. I did
have a question about whether your previous order of these was also a
problem, or if it was just this batch, and what specifically is going
on. In the meantime, my hotstamp department has pulled the satin bag
inventory, the metal foil we are using for your orders, and your
metal plate to see if we can recreate the problem. Of course, I’ll be
more than happy to replace the order for you - I just want to know
specifically how this problem presents itself so we don’t recreate
the problem again!

I hope all of our customers know that we are more than happy to
return or replace unsatisfactory products with no hassle at all. Of
course, we hope that your products always meet your highest
expectations, but if they don’t, we want to make sure things are made

Anyway, please feel free to email me off line.

Andrea M. Hill
Chief Executive Officer
The Bell Group
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
505.839.3033 ph
505.839.3032 fx


Hello Amery,

Do take Andrea Hill seriously on her offer to explore the reasons
for your dissatisfaction. I have been impressed by her sincere
interest in meeting the needs of jewelers and providing satisfaction
in Rio Grande’s service.

Judy in Kansas, who is only a satisfied customer and has no stock or
other interest in RG… but wishes she did!



If you want embroidery, why not just ask around if there’s anyone
with one of these new computerized sewing machines in your vicinity?
They seem to be surprisingly popular (in view of the pricetag) with
the endconsumer as well as the advanced hobbyist. Maybe someone would
be interested, especially now before the upcoming “Big Holiday”.



the gift bags i use for my crocheted and freeform wire jewelry i
make…using the very wide ribbon that Costco carries. this year i
have crushed satin in deep green, a cream,both edged in gold. some
gold with black velvet leaves that have a victorian swirl to them, a
harvest orange/rust/browns in nuby silk, plaid. and a gold lamee.

ok, stop groaning, they turn out very nice. you get 50yds for 6.oo
and each bag uses about 9". it is wired edged, holds it shape. i use
double sticky tape, cut thin strips, and after folding and tape the
edges, with a few more folds, i make a beautiful pointed foldover
flap, that i also use silk cord on, for handles.

dangle charms, something victorian,long dangle tassles are great. I
end up being asked to sell the bag its self for wine bottle gifts and
money,to hang on tree’s as ornaments. filled with my jewelry as well.

had a several made up smaller, in blue shot with silver, called them
tooth fairy bags, and marked them 2.00/ if a child wanted it enough
they asked their parents for their own money to buy it, it was a
gift. if they nagged and whines and cried, i smiled as i took the
money. and surprisingly word did NOT get out. i was amazed how many
free bags i gave. i loved it, and the look in their faces when it was
a gift. actually the look in the parent’s face was almost as good!
got many a good long time customer that started out this way.

my bags are obviously not right for everyone, i don’t pretend they
would be. send me a drop dead gorgeous diamonds and rubies, i’ll tell
you if it fits in the bag… but handcrafted jewelry is presented in
a gift bag that is pretty, well thought out pattern, time spent
making the suckers, like at 4am when you can’t sleep, but i do love

may hit ebay with them too, haven’t decided yet.

wild poppy designs…



I’m glad you sent this to the list. It’s great to see a company
openly offer to help it’s customers.

Again, thanks for posting this. I think Rio Grande is great and has
great customer service.