Locking pin backs source?

I’ve got a new-found local market for biker pins thanks to a biker
who is marrying into our family. On the types of pins that bikers
wear on their leather jackets, the backs are often held on with tiny
allen set screws. I found a retail source for these backs, but I’d
like to find a wholesale source for them, and the allen wrenches
needed to open/close them, in larger quantities.

You can see what I’m looking for at

ties_7.html the very first item on the page.

Does anyone know where I might find these things? Thanks in advance!

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry

The locking pins look similar to the locks used on model airplane
servo locks. Check with a local hobby supply.


Sure-Locks are available from Reactive Metals Studio (Bill Seeley),
<www.reactivemetals.com>, 12 Pack w/allen wrench for $6.00/pack; 10
or more, $5.00.