Location of Classic Industries Inc

Hi, I’m Joni Kamfonik & my husband John & I have had a full service
jewelry shop in Oregon for almost 18 years. (The Gem Factory) We have
been “lurking” on Orchid Digest for a couple of years & really enjoy
the comments & Up until now, I’ve been shy about making
comments or asking for because the answers are so thorough
that I didn’t feel that my input was needed, although both of us would
be more than willing to help if we can. Now, I have a problem that I
am hoping someone can help me with. I am looking for the address, ect
of a company called Jewel Cast (Classic Industries Inc) that was in
Culver City California & later in Seattle Washington. A customer of
ours brought in one of their old catalogs & wants us to cast one of
their wax designs. If anyone has any about this company
or whether they sold their patterns to another company, I would sure
appreciate an e-mail or call.

Best regards & many thanks,
Joni Kamfonik

Joni, The last location I know of for Jewel Cast is: Classic Industries
1425 4th Ave STE 306 Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 625-1064

This is old info, but maybe the address and phone number may help you
out. Regards Rick Barnes Gainesville, FL

Jewel Cast, Classic Industries, I heard, but am not sure, that this
establishment is no longer open. I used to buy all my waxes from them
but have started buying elsewhere or carving my own. If anyone knows
anything different please let me know, however as far as I know they
are no longer in business…Char

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