Locating Oddball Cabs

Just looking for some oddball cabs. I am looking for som Red Alunite, as I am unable to locate it in this part of Ontario, Canada. Can anybody help me locate some?

Hi @Marika_O. I might consider reaching out to Mary @Stachura or @dikragem1. Also, perhaps my friend @boydmichael has something? He seems to have everything.

Good luck!

Hi, Marianne,

Re red alunite: You might try Donald Knight and his sons on the Facebook group called “High Desert Cabs Slabs and Rough”.

  • Lorraine

Alunite is hardness of 3 1/2-4. Look on Mindat.org.
There are specimens on an auction site.
If you could get a cab, probably would be small, and possibly disintegrate if you set it.

Went to High Desert Cabs, a site mentioned on one of the responses. They have a material called Blue Amber. This is a very rare material and the color is somewhat elusive. The material shown was a dense and dramatic blue and they seem to have a large quantity. I’m suspicious about it’s authenticity which led me to look at other material on the site. I’m not an expert but I would approach the materials on this site with skepticism.

Many thanks to all who were kind enough to respond. I may have a change of heart, seeing as the mohs hardness will not be sufficient for a ring setting. I guess perhaps that seeing as I truly liked the shade of red, I may try to look for a jasper in red, and save myself the heartache. Once again, many thanks to all, and sorry for my first post typo (some, not som).
Marika O.