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LJ - time for a new mag?

G'day, all.   It seems to me that there is only one thing that
anyone can do about the taure excretum which people complain
about in LJ <snip>

Well, there is another possibility: Since no one magazine can
meet everyone’s needs and expectations, maybe it’s time for a new
one, or at least a new approach. We are seriously considering
moving the Eclectic Lapidary into a print variation of the ezine.
(We’ve over 3,000 subscribers in 11 months.)

Let’s let LJ be. Obviously, they have taken a new tack that is
working for them (subscriptions are up, even if many of us are
dropping ours.) But I want to know what your ideal magazine would
be. And I’d like to hear offlist from writers, photographers and
advertisers too. We won’t answer everyone’s wishes, but we can
give it a try to meet some needs!

I don’t intend to try to replace LJ or Rock & Gem or Metalsmith,
but to create something different. A new magazine, born of the
immediacy and interaction on the 'net, rooted in the solid
traditions of the past and responsive to the needs of the
present. What do you think? Carol

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You’ve got my vote, I’ve let my LJ lapse (tho I may go back
eventually) and would be very interested in a new mag. The older
issues of LJ were terrific, but they seem to be becoming more
like Ornament–cool pictures, no meat.