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LJ, Metalsmith, and other magazines--- the

  I love words and their elegant use.  I think Thomas Wolfe,
that prose poet, the finest of writers.  But self-important
gobbledygook is just that.

Yes, I also love words and their use. I started my career as an
artist first by writing poetry, then free verse and after all
that monologuse and the like. Then I went to art school and
University and finally to college for goldsmithing. I left that
to tour America with Showboat. That got boring and here I am
back home working in the studio and backstage at Joseph and the
Technicolour Dreamcoat. So it is a varied existence. And yes,
self-important is just that; however there is some debate over
just what is self-important.

   On the same subject, a recent article on going to the
source for Ametrine in Bead Journal (LJ) seemed inflated with
its own importance and the GREAT ROMANTIC ADVENTURE  of  (oh,
it's so exciting!) actually mining for gems in a foreign land. 

Oh yes, romanticism. Insisting that something be what it isn’t
because one cannot see it for the beauty it is. The world is
already a very interesting place, with beauty and sadness and
all sorts of stuff. I do not feel any need to embelish the
richness that is there. I can only add to it in my own small
ways. I try to make objescts that explain parts of the world for
myself. And sometimes I share these with others, who agree or
not as they see fit. And then I go diving.