Liz Reed - Jewelry Gallery

Naracoorte, South Australia

My work is inspired by what I see around me in the natural world and also my love of ancient things and geology. As a palaeontologist, I am drawn to fossils and unusual stones. I like to try to convey a story with my pieces. While a lot of my early work was wirework, I now find myself fascinated with metals and silversmithing.

Materials: Sterling silver, copper, Chrysocolla, London blue topaz Dimensions: Necklace is 18 inches, pendant is around 3.5 inches

This piece was inspired by the birds who live in the wetlands near my home. This piece was entirely hand-fabricated from silver and copper sheet and natural gemstones.

Photo credit: Steven Bourne


Materials: Sterling silver, PMC, lava stone, Lava Fountain Plume Agate cabochon by Lost Sierra.
Dimensions: Necklace is 18 inches, pendant is around 4 inches top to bottom

This piece was inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and the destruction of Pompeii. Hand-fabricated from silver sheet, PMC, natural gemstones and sterling wire.

Photo credit: Steven Bourne

Leafy Sea Dragon

Materials: Copper sheet and wire, sterling silver
Dimensions: Neckpiece is 18 inches, pendant is 5 inches

This piece represents the Leafy Sea Dragon, which is the marine emblem of my home state of South Australia. The necklace is hand-fabricated from copper sheet using foldforming techniques.

Photo credit: Steven Bourne