Liver of Suplhur toxic gases

In view of this I am completely mystified as to why you say you have
purchased it in solution? Thats what I had heard, but my jewellery
suppliers said although it has a shorter shelf life it will still
last (especially kept in a smaller bottle with less air in it, in a
dark area). It is a concentrate. I didn’t think about ammonia
prolonging life- I only wanted it to make the colours more intense.
The reason I bought it was because I originally asked for the
crystals and the only come per kg at plus VAT (our sales tax- 17.5%
then ammonia seperately. They recommended the solution both in one
and was only so I thought it was worth a try. thanks


PS- Yes I did know LoS gives off fumes (rotten eggs!!), I intend
using it in my garden only.