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Liver of sulphur (was: More questions)


I also bought powder liver of sulphur from Rio Grande and they
sent it without instructions. I called and they didn’t have any.
So it is just sitting on a shelf. Does anyone know how to use
it? I want to use it to antique silver and gold.

Boil a quart water and then turn off the heat so the boiling
stops but there is steam rising. Into this water, drop a chunk of
liver of sulphur the size of the last joint of your little finger
(two large peas? - whatever). Stir until it dissolves. If you
have some, add a large pinch of ammonium chloride (perhaps
regular ammonia would work - have not tried that). Dip the piece
you are oxidizing into the solution until it turns black. You may
want to use a soft brass brush, dip, brush, dip again, etc. The
brass brush will remove the black “sooty” deposit that may form
and sort of cleans/burnishes the metal. If you get too much of
the black sooty stuff, the solution is too strong. If the metal
is not turning black the solution is too weak. I use a new liver
of sulphur solution every time. Keep the solution at steaming
point, but do not boil.