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Little Surprises


Lately I’ve been thinking about different kinds of little
surprises that I can include into the design of my jewelry
piece. For example, etching or stamping a little design around
the karet or sterling mark. Or maybe a little spot of a
different colored metal in an unusual place. Maybe something a
little humorous.

Just wondering what some of my orchid friends are doing these
days to add little surprises to their pieces?


Virginia Lyons


Virginia, I love to add surprises to my pieces!!! I saw-out
pictures or a scene of some sort on the back of my stuff. My 8th
grade home ec. teacher always told us a piece of clothing should
look as good on the inside as it does on the outside! So, I make
my jewelry just as interesting(almost) on the back as the front.


Hello Virginia,

I don’t know whether this qualifies as a surprise. About 15
years ago My partner and I built 2 model fine silver tall ships,
the real things were visiting that summer. Before fitting the
decks to the hulls, I engraved the following on the underside;
“we regret to inform you that your warranty is now void”

I hope nobody ever gets to see it though, they were pretty.


Hello Virginia, For the past year or so, I have been setting a
one point single cut diamond somewhere hidden on the special
pieces I’ve done. I bought a paper of them for 150.00 per carat.
I never tell the customer and it sometimes takes weeks for them
to notice. Great fun. Tom Arnold

  Just wondering what some of my orchid friends are doing
these days to add little surprises to their pieces?  >> 

Virginia, When I was a junior in art school, a fellow student
made a great silver pin. It was the front of an airplane with a
propeller. It had a chain hanging off of it with a little
parachute person at the end. When you turned the propeller, the
parachute person went up and down. It was a cute surprise.
***Kirsten in PA


lol Lisa!! That reminds me of what a goldsmith once told me
about scratches on the backs of jewelry pieces. As a student, I
once asked if it was a ok if there were just a few minor
scratches on the back – since they would not show when worn–
but my goldsmith friend said that it matter because “God sees


Virginia Lyons