Little Smith torch

Can I attach the little Smith torch to the harbor freight tAnks. Doesn’t seem like it would make a diff
I want to molt the sides of a copper cuff so am going to buy the smith long head

Talk to Richard at Paige Tools about the right tip to do what you want to do.

The tanks are usually a standard size and are exchanged for full ones. Check craigslist and offerup for used tanks near you to save money.

I have found several gas suppliers near me and prices differ greatly, so call around. Many of the stores are happy to answer questions and give advice. Even if it cost more, go with the place you feel comfortable in with good staff. Set up an account and they will treat you more seriously.

The long neck tip, called a rosebud (multi-orifice) is for casting. With the standard small tips and close range, you can melt metal.

Be sure they are DOT certified to exchange at a welding supply shop. Many Chinese tanks aren’t.

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