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Lisa Gallagher - Jewelry Gallery

I live with my husband and two small children in beautiful central PA. I
work in a variety of media, but I focus mainly on jewelry making. I started
learning the craft in 1998, at a community arts center near where I lived,
in the Atlanta, GA area. From there I was a guest student for two years at
the Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, Germany. Since returning to the US, I
have still managed to take classes now & then, and have also started
teaching some basic classes. I enjoy learning by all sorts of methods,
whether it be classes, books, on-line resources, conversing with other
artists, or just plain experimentation. My jewelry pieces are quite varied,
both in style and technique, and most all are one-of-a-kind. With few
exceptions, all of the pieces are made by hand from start to finish,
including the clasps, settings, chains, and many of the beads. My favorite
technique is Russian Filigree, I love the intricate detail in the work, and
I also like that very few people here in the US do it. Although I still
work mostly in silver, I have recently started to add more gold to my work,
especially with the filigree. I will soon start to experiment, as well,
with precious metal clay, enameling and fused glass.

Filigree Pendant; Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Azurite Malachite

Thai Weave Bracelet

Thai Weave Bracelet; Fine Silver, Sterling Silver

Repousse Leaf Earrings

Repousse Leaf Earrings; Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls

Filigree Ring

Filigree Ring; Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Labradorite

Knit Chain Necklace with Reversable Pendant

Knit Chain Necklace with Reversible Pendant; Fine Silver, Sterling
Silver, Polymer Clay

Chainmaille Bracelet

Chainmaille Bracelet; Sterling Silver, Sodalite