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Liquid armour etch

HI! Please let me know what is liquid armor?  I have tried Blue
Etch but it is too thick and is also very slow. 

Hi all, the actual name is “etch all” made by B & B Products, web
site It’s active ingredient is 20 percent
ammonium biflouride. I purchased mine from Coral at Enamelworks in
Seattle. It works great, I do however wear heavy duty rubber gloves,
and etch in a plastic container. The etch all can be used over and
over again, a factor I like. I also have Armour etch cream which I
don’t like as well, it tends to streak on my enamels when going for a
matte finish whereas the etch all leaves a lovely matte surface, just
don’t leave it in too long! – Lisa Hawthorne

Hi Everyone, Liquid Armour is a liquid acid used to etch a variety of
surfaces. It can be found in craft stores, stained glass shops, or
go to . It comes in various sizes and different
mediums. Liquid Amour is for etching through dipping a product in
the acid once you have placed a resist on the area you do not want
to etch or you may frost the entire item.

Armour Etching Cream is a thick, pasty substance that must be
applied with a brush. I have found the softer the brush, the better
the outcome. Large areas to be etched may show brush mark streaks,
this is why the Etching instructions state: use small intricate
patterns, for this will not show streaks from the brush strokes.
Armour Etching medium also states about 8 minutes. I have found
this to be incorrect, for a wonderful outcome, 20 minutes is better.
It depends on what you are etching and the outcome you expect. Be
prepared to protect yourself with thick rubber gloves, face mask,
protective eye wear, and work in an open, airy space due to fumes. It
is easy to handle after just a few small trials. If Delphi’s prices
are too expensive, see if your local craft store may order it for
you. While there, purchase several craft books specifically
designed for etching with acid. This is what is called Liquid Armour.
Remember, Amour Etching Cream or Liquid, there is a choice and a
difference, depending on your project. If you need help, e-mail
offline. I have used this quite a bit in my business. Bj in Hawaii