Lindsey's Bench

I set up my workspace earlier this year after moving. I started with the bench on the left, which is actually a woodworking bench and after struggling with it for a few months, I decided to build a bench, which is the bench on the right. I LOVE this bench, there is a ton of surface space, which allows me to have multiple things going on at once, and to work on larger pieces. The benchtop is very heavy and solid, which is great for forming and keeps the bench from moving about when I am working. I made the bench quite tall so that I could comfortably work standing or sitting. I oriented the two benches in an “L” shape so that I can easily move from one surface to the other. I keep my tumbler, pickle pot and drill press on the smaller bench and I solder, form, cut, etc. on the other. The only thing I would add would be more efficient storage space, like a set of shallow drawers under the benchtop or something to that effect, so that I wouldn’t have to keep everything out on benchtop to have it easily accessible. I purchased a mandrel mount from Rio Grande earlier this year and attached it to my new bench (see in photo.) This tool has been a great improvement to my process, because while the mount stays attached you can simply slide the mandrel vice in and out of it, making it very easy to remove or replace. I really enjoy the convenience of it, especially when I am neck deep in process.