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Linda Lewis Jewelry
San Luis Obispo, CA. USA

My work is inspired by the stones I find and each piece is designed around them. I love texture and find interesting handmade papers to create texture in the silver with gold accents to surround them.

I have always been an artist and the medium chose me in my 20’s and because there are so many interesting techniques to learn, I am never bored. I teach other people in my studio and that keeps me inspired to see other people come up with their own solutions to designing.

I am so fortunate to do something that I love and teach others to love it too.

Materials: Agate FWP Sterling Silver and 22k gold
Dimensions: 1" X 3"

Hand fabricated using hammers and handmade paper to create texture.

Photo credit: George Post

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Wrap Around It

Materials: Opal, sterling silver and 22k gold
Dimensions: 1/2" X 1"

Hand fabricated from sterling sheet and textured with handmade paper using gold accents.

Photo credit: George Post

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Pearl Drops

Materials: FWP’s, Sterling and 22k gold
Dimensions: 1/2" X 3"

These are hand fabricated in Sterling and 22k gold textured with handmade paper and hammers.

Photo credit: George Post