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Limits on a blog?


Can anyone tell me know are there any limits of essay pages on a blog?

Another question is how can these be “saved”. I’m dealing with a first time of blog-writing… I’ve been self-printing all of them into folders. So far I have in excess of 84 separate essays and hundreds of photographs.

I’m now aiming for 100 topics. I’d like to do a full “page & photo” count during my 5 more weeks of recovery that’s remaining in my “post-op period”.

Regards to everyone!


Gerry, On my iPhone!


if it were me, Gerry, I would post them on the blog with a small writeup and then a pdf file for the full article. There are people with PC’s, people with Mac’s and then a number of word processing programs. A PDF file cuts through those obstacles.
Your energy is amazing!

Greetings from the west



Thanks Barbara

I’m going to get a maven-computer fellow show me via ‘remote’ just how it’s done. I’ll mention your method as how it should be done.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Regards to everyone!


Gerry, On my iPhone!


Your essays would make a wonderful book or two Gerry!




My energy is an understatement!

I can’t just sit and ponder the actions of the universe on some hot beach in Florida. My recovery & therapy is to write and creat newer essays. In half an hour, I thought of three newer topics. My time on this planet is limited and to not show the jewellery folks my interpretation of what diamond setting is what it’s all about!

Your PDF idea seems plausible, but as a Dyslexic, I need to be shown the process.

Fondest regards again for your idea.


Gerry, On my iPhone!


Hi Helen

A book or two? I need funding for such an immense project. Nothing like this has ever been done before, basically nothing like this even exists. I have 84 essays posted and even today I thought of 4 more… any further ideas?


Gerry, On my iPhone!


I second a book but understand the cost associated with publishing.
Blogger has no limits on how many pages you can have (
Even though I am not anywhere near when it comes to setting, I still read your essays and appreciate the work/time you put into it. Maybe a Kickstarter campaign to get a book published?


Your idea on a kickstarter is interesting. This still makes me wonder how many worldwide jewellers would be able to buy it?

For your information, my blog has in excess of 16,400 viewers in only 11 months!

Another thing, I fully enjoy this project. But to have me work on this by myself is a definite “no way”. I do all of my own editing, photo’s and keeping my thoughts in sequence sometimes can be a challenge.

Even this afternoon I’m into day 10 after my spinal surgery, I’m writing on my iPhone laying on my couch. I write when and if I can!


Gerry, On my iPhone!


Hi Gerry,
I’d be happy to help you convert your blog topics into individual .pdf files so that they can be saved and/or downloaded by anyone who is interested. I’m really good at word processing and related skills, so I can take the text and images, format them as separate articles/documents, and send them back to you. I understand technology is not your thing, so there are several ways to go about it: email or a file sharing program like Dropbox so that you can retrieve the .pdf files once I have converted them.
Let me know if you’d like me to help–it would be my privilege to help you share your knowledge in a more durable format.



This is another learning curve for me. I have no or little understanding what is needed. Will there be any cost for one demonstration?

Break it down into one demo and how will everyone get to use it.

I’m still slowly getting my strength back, I can’t make any quick decisions.

BTW, just curious where do you live.:wink:


Gerry, On my iPhone!


Hi Gerry,
I can also help you get your posts into pdf, or even into a full book in pdf form.
I recently designed and laid out a little book on Japanese Heraldry written by my friend, Lilian Caillaud. It’s a short book, only 48 pages, and is mostly illustration with descriptive text. The author’s preference would have been to distribute it free of charge, but he decided to copyright the book and sell it at a nominal fee, $2.99, so that unscrupulous publishers could not download it and resell it for an obscene profit. He sells the pdf as an ebook through Amazon and a couple of other ebook selling sites.
The nice thing about an ebook is that there are no printing costs and the readers can print out pages at home as they like. I’ll also send you a link to the full book you can download from my web server.


Hi Gerry,
I live in NYC, and my previous career was as an expert in database technology, teaching, writing (both books and courseware), speaking at conferences, etc. so converting your blog posts to .pdf files would be as easy for me as setting a stone is for you. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and was developed by Adobe. What I would do on my end is copy your words and images into the .pdf file and save it. Each topic would exist in its own .PDF file. I don’t know anything about web hosting, but once you have the .PDF files you can make them available on your web site so people can download them, or you could give them to ganoksin or mjsa so that they could be more widely available for download. There would be no cost to you–I already own the necessary software. I could email you the completed .pdf’s or I could put them on a private file share where you could download them and then upload them to a public location of your choice. What I would need from you are the titles of each article along with the text and images, which are already available in your blog, correct? My part would be to separate each one into a separate topic and save them as individual .PDF’s, exactly the way they appear in your blog posts. Your videos are already for sale on ganoksin, I’m sure they’d be happy to have the .pdf files available for free downloading if that is how you’d like to handle the distribution.
My email is mchipp at gmail dot com. Best regards,


Hi Makena

My mind & body are still in a Spinal surgery recovery mode. Right now all I can think of is ‘resting & sleeping’.

When my 30 staples get removed then I can start to think straight. Every think you wrote to me is in “university level” of understanding. Let me make contact with you once things calm down…zzz’s!

BTW, thanks for reply great reply


Gerry, On my iPhone!