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Limited edition


The word hyperbole is perfect for describing advertising copy.

If you can make your jewelry become associated with a sexy
woman’s or man’s body (…sensuous…to say the least), you tap
into the main stream of advertising anything that is sold.

The concept of limited is subject to the definition of the word
"limited" …it merely means to “limit” in some (usually vaguely
specified) way…

With 6+ billion human inhabitatants currently residing/ sharing
our beautiful blue green marble the concept of limited can be
stretched quite a bit and still be accurate…

Creating the illusion of value that exceeds the innate value of
materials is at the very heart of marketing anything…

Including base materials but especially art…

Picasso was a master of this illusion… no one will ever eat a

We are fortunate to live in such materially generous times…

Microsoft (bad?) alone has created over 300 millionaires (great

Connecting with the desire to possess our art work is at the heart
of selling it…

The better we are at visualizing and feeling in ourselves the need
to express the visions we create in metals and stones…the better
we can connect with our potential clients and relate this "value"
to them…

Having a beautiful and self assured woman selling for you will
help… take a hint from Victorias’ Secret… they are selling
little more than pure illusions… oh how I love those VS

Women feel good imagining owning and wearing VS lingerie to “own"
men’s attention, men buy it to feel good about the women they can
"own” .

It is a “limited edition” because not every woman (or man for that
matter) will own VS products.

Feeling good because you possess a product is at the heart of what
actually sells…

If the illusion of limit is part of the process of inculcating
this feeling of pleasure it will be used… but beware even the
marketing giants are using the best guess process…

Cindy Crawford is rich because she is a good guess for marketing
just about anything this side of … I don’t know what… she
could make chicken fat seem somehow attractive… And I don’t
find her particularly attractive!

I guess that’s why they call them super models…

So, try anything that works and is honest (Cindy’s little

Ask any one, male or female about having a really attractive
female saleperson working your booth at a market… it always

10 million is a Limited Edition if you consider the world your

Well, there… as if… and she goes… then he goes…
and I’m done…

All the best in all things,


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