Limited edition?

hi all in ochid! some artists and craftman make limited edition in
one of their design. do you think How many pieces are ‘limited
edition’? I want your think.



Limited Edition is something you see a lot in advertisements for
lithographic prints here in the States (I’ve forgotten where you
are). It is usually just a marketing tool, as many of these prints
are made in editions of 1500 or more, which is too many for the
print to become very valuable or collectable, which is the
implication of the “Limited Edition” label.

So, I think you can use the phrase any way you want. To me if you
are selling locally people are attracted to the idea your work is
handmade. If you are showing only one, many people will feel they
are getting a unique, one of a kind product anyway. If you say
"Limited Edition" that may put some people off, as they may think
they will meet someone at the Opera with the same piece of jewelry
on. If you sell nationally and say there were only ten of these
made, it might mean something. Some folks will be very receptive
to the idea that you made a one off design for them and you can
make a selling point of there not being a mold of the object. If
you do such, the price should be higher to compensate you for all
the design/wax work done just for that piece.

Just my two cents,
Roy (Jess)

Roy(Jess), In fine art, limited edition is a valid term IF the
number in the edition is specified: A Limited Edition of 10, or
100. 200 is about as high as will be accepted (unless the artist is
really famous). But I don’t know how it’s usually indicated in
jewelry, or if it is. In fine art, the artist signs the print and
shows 2/100 (number 2 of 100)or 50/100 (number 50 of 100) or
whatever. That wouldn’t be very meaningful on a piece of jewelry.
It might make more sense to slightly change each piece so it is
truly unique if it’s for a higher-end market. Carol

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