Limited edition designs, think expensive

As my body is convalescing, my mind is so very active. I’ve always
wanted to create some ultra distinctive wearable art.

In late 2008, I had a measly 6 pieces on the bench…then the darned
recession came. So now as I was mulling over my projects on the back
burner, I thought that this is the right time to get my brain and
creative skills working again.

About three months ago I took it upon myself to gather all of my
ideas and forge ahead. As of now I have about 32 items almost ready
for casting. What are they and what are their price range?

I have a ballerina statue circa 1934, Art Deco era with coloured
diamonds, selling about $9,000.00+. a small bauble ring all VVS, E-F
colour with a 1.5 carat center, plus 1.5 carats of melees…cheap ring
at about $28,000.00.

Two “Pink Ribbon” charity fund raising items for Cancer
research…got more but I gotta keep these secretive right now.

BTW, anyone can make wearable art, but to find the right buyers,
this is the clincher! I’ve done my research and good grief

there is a whole new world out there. Some very exclusive stores
want to see and sell your items, Neiman-Marcus, Harrods in the U.K.
just to name a few.

If anyone on Orchid who is creating items of this high calibre,
write to me off-line and I’ll give you some departmental stores to
approach. Most of them are not in America…you gotta look
overseas…think innovative designs with the “WOW” effect!

BTW, put together a pictorial portfolio of other items when you are
visiting them…think expensive!!!..Gerry Lewy!