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Lights - action!


I will be opening my gallery soon. The gallery is actually one wall
of my workshop-gallery. Later, I will add glass cabinets that will
be in the middle of the room.

Question: Should I have lit open shelves, ceiling spotlights (and
should they be overhead ones), or lit cabinets?

I would appreciate anybody sharing their lighting experiences and
any good Websites I could look at.

Thank you all very much,


The GIA has a whole course that teaches you all
about lighting and how to best display your jewellery and gemstones
to advantage. It is a wonderful course and well worth the cost and
time to take. It also looks good in a portfolio. It even can help if
in the future you need to apply for a bank loan to expand your store.

Karen Bahr - Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


My studio partner and i just remodeled our studio, using soft ambient
light And lighting cases from the inside, and the effect is dramatic.
The focus is Clearly on the jewelry in the cases, and i find that
customers spend more Time looking at the work now than in the past.

Susan ronan
Coronado, ca