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Lighting up a translucent stone in a bezel

Hi all -

I have several cabochons that look fabulous when lit from behind,
but go ‘dead’ when set in a bezel. I’d rather not set them with some
kind of mirror behind them. Does anyone have any experience with
internal lighting for jewelry? Something that would use an LED, and a
watch battery.

Hans Meevis, hint, hint…

best regards,
Kelley Dragon

not so much internal lighting, but have you considered taking a
lesson from faceted stone setting? build up your bezel with an open
area under it…like a series of arches/holes/filigree etc…that
would allow light to come in from outside and shine below the stone.
I think, if you tried to light a ring, you would quickly run into
customers who would forget to take it off when they wash their hands
and would damage the electronics in it.


Hi Kelley,

I have successfully set cabs that need back lit by cutting out the
back of the bezel cup and leaving a ledge of about 5mm as the
backing. It allows light in and has worked very well for me. Actually
the optical curve on the cabs have not shown the backing rim.

I hope this has been of help.

Good luck,
Ken Moore

Jeanne & Ken -

Yes, I’ve set a few with open or lifted settings, and for one in
particular it worked great. But not for my target stone, a lovely
so-called Agua Nueva agate; a carnelian-colored stone with bands and
fortifications. I’ve already dismantled one setting because it
didn’t work; I don’t want to end up using it in a stained glass

LOL, thanks for your reminder about what a ring goes through!