Lighting Glass Jewelry

Kathleen, glass is very difficult to light - much different than
lighting metal. In addition to the color of the bulbs, if you light
glass too harshly or too closely, you run the risk of washing all the
color out. Softer and further away is sometimes better - depends on
the strength of the bulb.

I sold my glass beads for 15 years using a system from Arizona Case. I ended up using two colors of their tiny
50W halogen spots - the warm and the cool - and combining them. The
lights were each about four feet from the display surface, but I
didn’t shine them directly downward. Instead I angled them so they
each was directed toward the opposite end of the table. The light
was softer that way and the bulb colors tended to mix with each

I used four bulbs to light an eight foot table, but six mounted
further away would have been even better.

Rene Roberts
works in metal and glass