Lighting For Digital Setup

A while ago I splurged on a Nikon Koolpix 4500 digital and love it.
I found some detailed info on lighting for photographing jewelry on
Amy O’Connell’s website that works very well and gives professional


I checked out amy O’Connell’s website, and she has some great ideas
for photographing jewelry, especially her suggestions on props to
use. Howe ver the box that she has constructed looks a bit
cumbersome to set up. I h ave a similar set-up, and hate using
it as it takes so much time to set u p and dismantle as I have no
place to leave it set up permanenly. I won der if one could get as
good results with the Cloud Dome which takes a minim um of time to
set up, and considerably less space if one wanted to leave it in
place ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Alma

I love my Cloud Dome, for the exact reasons you stated. Ease of set
up, minimum space requirements. I often have minutes in which to
photograph pieces my grandfather or dad made, after asking the
client if they have a few minutes for me to shoot it. With out the
cloud dome I wouldn’t even ask. I am not a photographer by any
stretch but, I have built a decent portfolio with the cloud dome set
up which would have cost thousands to have a pro shoot. I do have a
pro shoot major pieces, no way around that as well as any shots I
will use in advertising. Sam Patania, Tucson

Sam, I’m also in Tucson and struggling with learning digital
photography. I bought a Cloud Dome-which I love, and am learning a
lot, but still am not able to produce advertising quality images.
Do you use someone in Tucson to photograph your work? A referral on
or off-list would be greatly appreciated. I work in glass, so there
is an added layer of frustration in photographing translucent

Sorry I won’t be able to attend the dinner. I will be showing at
the Bead Renaissance Show daily Feb 2-8 and working in the evenings.
Anyone in the area - please visit me and introduce yourselves!

Pat Stoll