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Lightg and display stuff - shipment

I want to thank all of you who helped me with my Display and lighting
problems. I talked to the people at Art in Motion,(wonderful and helpful
people) and they are going to take over my display booth after the
Washington DC Show, and store it on the East Coast. With the savings(
not shipping it to Chicago and then back to Phoenix) I am going to get
abstracta for the Chicago Show and save bundles of money. This way, I
"east Coast booth, and extra for West Coast Shows… I have applied to
more east coast shows, and my booth will be waiting for me when I arrive.
What great peace of mind.

So, if any of you are in the area of Washington DC from Nov15-17th, or in
Chicago from Dec 5-8, I would love to connect and gush over how helpful,
kind, intelligent, and open the people from Orchid are!!! I sure
couldn’t be doing what I am doing without all the insider

Thanks so much!! You all are GREAT!!!

Joan Dulla

Also, if anyone in Chicago wants a postcard for $3 off the entrance to
show, send me your address and I will mail one off to you.