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Light filters

Hi everyone, I just got off the phone with a lighting buyer who
informs me that there are no filters to attach to regular
incandescent lamps to shut out UV rays. He also did not know where
to get plastic sheet treated to cut out the UV rays (I had in mind
rigging up a homemade filter) Does anyone have any idea where I
could find this sheet?

                            Thanks!    Susan

The window tint you see on cars is such the filter you are looking
for. I used to install window film many moons ago, and know for a
fact that it does cut out 98% of the UV’s. I would look in your
yellow pages under- tinting, for comercial/residential. Some brand
names to look for are Sunguard, 3M, and ArmorCoat. They are all
available in untinted varieties, and the Armorcoat is a security
film 20mils thick, that when used on storefront windows, display
cases, Etc. Holds the glass in the window frame when broken, thus
preventing “Smash and grab robberies”. You might give “Tint” a

Tim Goodwin

I always thought that plain window glass filtered out UV rays,
but I can’t prove it.


and see if they can help.


Your local acrylic (“plexiglass”) supplier should have a product
which is mostly UV opaque. It is used to cover photographs, art,
etc., to prevent fading from sunlight. as I recall it blocks
about 98% of the UV, but your supplier should have some data on
it. What I have seen is about the thickness of window glass, so
if you were looking for inexpensive sheeting (like cling wrap)
you may not find it. Of course, there are E-films which are used
to attach to your windows — squeegeed on with a little water
— which also filter UV and heat. Hi-tech window people would
have these.

HTH, Roy (Jess)