Life Version 2.0

Okay, I think it’s time to make a change… I recently told my
boss(es) that they should really be thinking hard about finding
someone who could do the things that I do. As of early next year,
assuming no horrendous changes elsewhere, I will be a full-time
jeweller and teacher. Thirty years of doing one kind of work – fun
work, from my perspective, but still…

This is not going to be stress-free, of course. I’m fairly sure
things will be okay, but it might be several years before I can point
to solid data and say “it worked!”

Teaching has been way more fun than I expected, and I’m hoping to do
a lot more workshops, all over the place. Those of you who’ve
expressed frustration that I never show up in whatever place you
happen to be could very well find me on your doorstep sometime next
year, carrying a coil of silver wire and a box of odd-looking home
made tools. :slight_smile: