Liddicoat passes

In Memoriam

Richard T. Liddicoat 1918 - 2002

The gem industry has lost another giant when Richard Liddicoat
passed away last week. He was 84.

Richard Thomas Liddicoat Jr. was born in Kearsarge, Michigan in
1918. He received a bachelor’s in geology and a master’s in
mineralogy from the University of Michigan. He served with the Navy
in World War II. Universally known as the “Father of Modern
Gemology,” Mr. Liddicoat’s contributions to the gem industry are
enormous. He is credited with creating the International Diamond
Grading System^™ in 1953, based on the Four C’s. He was also
instrumental in establishing the GIA’s educational program. He
taught the first classes on 1953 in Manhattan.

Mr. Liddicoat served as GIA president from 1952 to 1983. Among his
numerous writings are The Handbook of Gem Identification, The
Diamond Dictionary, and The Jeweler’s Manual. He was editor of GIA
Diamond Dictionary in 1993 and editor in chief of Gems & Gemology
from 1952 until his death.

In keeping with Mr. Liddicoat’s wishes, if you would like to make a
gesture of remembrance, please do so through the Richard T.
Liddicoat memorial Fund at GIA.