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Lewton-Brain foldforming workshop

Hi, all, I just want to share that I came back yesterday from a
weekend fold-forming workshop with our very own Charles. I always
enjoy workshops, but this was one of the best ever. I do feel a
little guilty-- we all mostly sat and raptly watched as Charles
worked and worked. In a longer one, we’d have done more
sample-making ourselves. I photographed each object and hope to
create a set of samples.Charles is endlessly creative, and
communicates clearly as well as being entertaining and funny. And I
got the sense that he is not holding anything back-- quite the
contrary. Fold forming is very fun, very quick, and a great way to
understand how metal behaves and moves, so even if you have little to
no interest in incorporating the techniques into your work, you will
still come away with an enriched awareness.