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Lever back earrings fittings 14 Kt ,

Can 14kt gold lever back earring fittings be soldered onto settings, without losing the springs tension, OR how can i remove the spring, solder the fitting to a setting, then re-insert the stainless steel spring, without damaging the fittings.

I laser weld lever back earring findings with no issue.
Were I to be using the torch to do this, I would remove the hinge pin first, and solder the fixed part on, without the hinge and spring attached.
It is easy enough to reassemble the lever backs, and replace the hinge pin afterward. Many lever back earring findings have come with the hinge pin wire loose for this reason.

Bruce, you dont remove the spring. You remove the whole lever by removing the rivet. Then solder, then replace the lever and put in a new rivet. Not all leverback earrings are designed to make this easy, as some have fully finished rivets. With those, some were made assuming a laser, or capacitance welder or carbon electrode soldering machine was the assumed tool for soldering/installation. With those, or some types of torches, using suitable heat sinking and speed, its possible to solder the part without annealing the spring. But you will generally find (there are exceptins) that if you remove only the spring itself, it may be almost impossible to reinsert it tightly enough to work right.