Lettering for dog tags and charms

hello all,

i have been asked to make some dog tags, pet charms, id tags what
ever you want to call them, could anyone recommend a process for
lettering? stamping, a engraving machine, etching? if they are all
the same i will make and original, mold and cast but if there all
different i need to come up with something different.

Can anyone recommend a set (sets) of stamps or an engraving machine
thats not too expensive?



You may be able to sub-contract an engraving company to engrave your
tags…the machinery is not inexpensive…or perhaps someone with
the equipment would let you “lease time” at their machine.

Mary Frances Dunker

Lee Valley- which mostly sells woodworking equipment- has some
letter and number stamps that are fairly inexpensive, as I recall.
They’re very plain. I think they only have 1 size, but other
woodworking outfits have other sizes, both smaller and larger.

You can also look at the stamps used in leatherworking for more
options, although those have proven to be too big for the things I
had hoped to do with them…

Good luck!

I don’t remember the original post, but I just remembered that Lisa
Niven Kelly sells stamps that might work for this–made in the US,
carbon steel:


Lisa Orlando