Letter etching

I’m seeking to have some letter etching done on large sheets of
silver for various types of jewelry; earrings, pins, bracelets and
necklaces. I play to have this done by a professional shop if
possible. The general idea would be to etch the type, achieve a
black patina in the etched portions with liver of sulpher, and then
cut into various components and pieces.

I’m trying to determine what kinds of type would work best,
specifically just how much variation there can be in the widths of
the markings. I understand that at some point you have to worry
about the acid undercutting the resist.

For the pins that would have smaller type sizes, I would probably
use something where the letters had uniform width throughout, such
as an Ariel, somewhere between 9 and 12 point. When I started
getting into larger type, I might want something with a more
interesting visual appeal, like some of the scripts, or perhaps
something like Curlz. What is a good rule of thumb for figuring what
will work out?

Also, what gauge silver can I work with? I’m thinking of 18 gauge
for BE squares for earrings, bracelet components and necklace
components; but pins may need to be lighter in order not to make
clothing sag.

Thank you
Jim Benson