Leopard Skin Sandstone

Does anyone know of a material called “Leopard Skin Sandstone”. I am
not familialr with it myself, but was told that it is found near
Marysville, California off of HWY 49. I am trying to find a source
for someone that is not an Orchid member.

Thank you for any assistance

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I’ve never heard of Leopard Skin Sandstone, but there is a Leopard
Skin agate. Don’t know just where it comes from, but it can be found
at most rock shops, at least here in the west. Quite popular among


Timothy - The only stone I’m familiar with is leopard skin “jasper”,
which is actually an orbicular rhyolite which has been silicified.
Most of what has been sold in the US comes from Mexico - not to say
that there may not be US sources. Hope this helps you find a source.

Jim Small
Small Wonders