Length for a pendant

How do i determine the ‘correct’ length for a cord to hang a
pendant? I have been simply threading round 2mm leather through the
pendant and making the length adjustable using a double fisherman’s
knot, which i know from climbing. Slips over the head so needs no
clasp. I’m planning to use leather, rubber, and braided cotton (and
also the braided stainless steel hose used on toilets). If selling
in a booth, i figger i can offer a choice of materials and customize
the length at sale with a pre-made (by me) crimp-on clasp. But can i
determine a ‘correct’ length for a given piece? Not on my own body i
don’t think…

Hi Jim,

Tanks 1st of all for your private reply.

C’mon as the customer has to wear it, they decide on the right

Make it adjustable from long to what ever they want.

Avoid the braided s/s and crimp on clasps. a crap idea.

If a pendant is too long it gets in the soup.

If you can work a booth every week for 1 day youll do well.


When I am discussing a special order with the client, I have a couple
of s/s chains on hand for the customer to try on for length. One week
in 2011 I sold six messages on a chain to men and they all chose 22".
However, don’t assume, always let the customer tell you.

Blessings, MA

The old rule of thumb is 15-16 inches for a choker length. 18 inches
for most pendants. Both for ladies.

Men- 18 inches-20 inches.

Bracelets for ladies 7 1/2 inches, men, 8 1/2 inches.

Anklets 8-9 inches.

Ladies rings used to be 6, men a 10. With the increasing weight of
adults ladies standard ring size are now 7, Men 11.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer