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Lee Marshall workshop

Wyoming Metalsmiths Assoc. in conjunction with University of Wyoming
is presenting a workshop taught by Lee Marshall. This is a five-day
workshop, from June 24-28, 2002.This workshop is the intensive
hydraulic press forming, which is a combination of the basic and
advanced techniques. The workshop will be held on campus at the
University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY.

The techniques that will be taught are of interest to those working
in jewelry, sculpture and other disciplines requiring limited
production or unique one-of-a-kind creations in metal. The
presenter, Lee Marshall, is nationally renown for his teaching and
is the founder of Bonny Doon Engineering.

The curriculum will include making and using a variety of dies for
forming and cutting metal, including matrix, pancake, blanking and
embossing dies. Participants will learn how to use formers to make
synclastic and anticlastic forms, tubing, cuffs and bangle forms,
ring stock and shallow drawing hollow forms and vessels. Technical
data will include using hydraulics safely, the use of pads and
durometers to achieve special effects, containing blocks, brakes,
daps and other specialized tooling.

Laramie is in the foothills of the Front Range, that is the ranges
of mountains along the Colorado/Wyoming border. We have absolutely
fabulous summers with warm days, low humidity, cool nights,
spectacular scenery and wildlife, and dynamite trout fishing, all
within a few minutes of Laramie. Hostel arrangements for housing is
available for our out-of-town guests at a very reasonable rate, as
well as meal tickets for the UW cafeteria. There is limited space
for the workshop, and is on a first come basis. Contact Katherine
Palochak for additional details or to receive a brochure on the
workshop (contact below). Come have a wonderful working
vacation with us!

Wyoming Metalsmiths Assoc.
PO Box 1355
Rawlins, WY 82301
(307) 320-3094

To all those who were thinking about attending a workshop on
hydraulic die forming, taught by Lee Marshall himself, we still have
6 spaces available. It is being held in Laramie, Wyoming, June
24-28, 2002.

This is the intensive workshop that combines the basic and advanced
methods. Lee will also be going through using the microfold brakes
in conjunction with the hydraulic forming. This week-long workshop
is for those who wish total immersion in learning all the ins and
outs of hydraulic forming with a 20-ton press. Lee is a fantastic
teacher, and is cognizant of needs of jewelry people to produce
their work economically in both terms of effort and cost. It’s a
great way to get in a working vacation and network with some of the
top emerging or mature designers, all in a pristine Western setting
with mountains just a few miles away. No smog, warm days, cool
nights, beautiful vistas and friendly people.

Here is what will be covered in this intensive workshop:

Learn to use urethane pads of various thickness and durometers for
different effects and purposes; choosing the correct thickness and
durometer for different applications; combining pads for special

Forming rings and tubing from strip
Forming ring stock into anticlastic forms
Anticlastic forming of both bangle and cuff bracelets
Synclastic forming of bracelets
Learn how to make tubing (patterned, pierced, fine silver, etc.)

Learn to emboss and texture metal, use found material (screening,
etc.) for embossing or texturing, making wire forms for imprinting.

Make and use matrix dies, using a precision saw guide to make
accurate saw cuts, that enable the die to make identical right and
left hand units for making hollow forms.

Make and use a tool steel blanking die for cutting out a design.
This will be a building block method that will lead up to being able
to form a piece in the press, and then trim away the flange, using
the blanking die.

Make interior cutting blanking dies, building upon the die cutting
experience, you will learn how to make a die that will “cut a hole
in the doughnut” at the same time it cuts the outside contour.

Learn to use various press accessories: master holder for holding
tooling, daps, contained blocks of urethane, forming tools, bending
brake, mushroom formers, etc.

Make and use your own bending and forming tools in the press, using
the brake as a tool holder.

Form boxes, using form boxes and super-soft urethane to form really
deep hollow forms and hemispheres.

See a conforming die used and how it fits into the array of tooling
for the press. Because of the time constraint, it will not be
possible to make a conforming die, but the principles will be
thoroughly covered so you will be able to make your own die at a
later date.

Learn to use the new microfold brakes.

If interested, contact me off list at:

Dear Katherine, I’m so sorry that I can’t join the workshop. The
money just isn’t there right now. Please keep me on your mailing list
for future workshops, and I appreciate the long email information
you sent me. Very kind of you. Thanks, Genevieve