Lee Marshall of Bonnie Doon Engineering Retiring

Just thought I’d give a heads up to those that haven’t heard that
Lee Marshall of Bonny Doon Engineering is retiring and selling his
business. He will continue to develop new products but someone else
is going to own and operate the rest of the business. He doesn’t have
any presses, but will be selling accessories until they are gone. At
that point, there will be some downtime as the new owners gear up and
so his products may be unavailable.

Chris Hanson
Ketchikan, AK

Dear Chris, and all Bonny Doon Customers,

Rio Grande has been working closely with Lee Marshall and the new
manufacturer to provide as seamless a transition as is possible
while the new Bonny Doon Engineering gets up and running. We have
presses and consumables in stock, and will be the distributor for
Bonny Doon products made by the new manufacturer. We also will
provide the technical support for Bonny Doon products that many of
you have received directly from Lee in the past.

Like everyone in the metal-forming community, we are extremely
grateful to Lee Marshall for not only developing such a fantastic
product, but also for providing such tremendous support for it
through the years.


Diana Montoya
Product Manager / Bench Tools & Equipment
Rio Grande

I had heard that Phil Poirier was taking over Lee’s business. Is
this true?

Donna Shimazu

Lee told me last week that Phil Poirier was indeed taking over Bonny
Doon. Who better than Phil?

Sam Patania, Tucson