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Lee brand magnum melter model

I have the Magnum Melter by Lee and the crucible (for lack of a
better word) is full of solid lead. Is it possible to decontaminate
it if I power it up and pour out the molten lead? If not, what
should I do with it? I do not ever plan to use pure lead in anything
again. Not sure if I could donate such a thing to a thrift store.

I have to move by the end of this month and do not wish to take this
with me, particularly if it cannot be used for anything other than

Any advice is appreciated,


Lee melters- especially the older models are very well sought after
by the reloading and shooting enthusiast around me.

Most Lee pots are designed for reloaders and their alloys- and given
you have a pot full already- I would say go to a local gun shop and
ask if they have a shooting club, bullet-in board (Pun intended!),
or a local reloader they know that wants a good deal.

If you dont mind holding onto it for awhile- post it to several gun
forums-guys in my area and others are always trolling the for sale
sections looking for deals. Box it up and ship it!

You will not be able to clean the pot to jewelry standards- the pots
are spun metal or pressed and have a number of micro-ridges that
hold the bugger-alloys you do NOT want in your mix!

Get rid of it- make some cash- and make a re-loader happy!

Your mileage may vary- Be safe and wash your hands after
using/touching/packing the pot- and have a great day!


They are designed for casting lead alloy bullets and are set to do
just that. Unless you have another use for it such as white metal
melting I would give it to someone who shoots, they would be
grateful for it.

Nick Royall