LED Spotlight for workbench

I have very good lighting over my bench but for very small, detailed work overhead light isn’t good enough.

I’ve been using a somewhat large goose-neck desk lamp with a CFL bulb to put light where it is really needed, but the lamp is large and gets in my way.

This is an exaggerated setup to make a point, but I found an LED lamp that does not run to 3 figure$ that can be positioned exactly where I need the light and it is still small enough to be out of my way:

I really need only one lamp, but this comes with two, and the extra light is not a problem. I found this on Amazon for $39.99.

The clamping base uses parallel jaws. It doesn’t open wide enough to fit the edge of my bench, which is 2 1/4" thick so I have it clamped to a bench pin. The clamp is made of what looks like brittle plastic so you don’t want to over-tighten it. Clamping it to a bench block might allow for more flexible positioning.

This solves my lighting problem nicely. Now if I can find flip-up 5X magnifiers to attach to my eyeglasses…

Neil A

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Neil…I bought five of these at IKEA several years ago. I put them over my polishing hood, soldering bench, grinding bench and other places where I need close light. They are great…Rob