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LED Photography Light Panels


Does anyone use led light panels to light their photo booth? My old 5500K CFLs are shot and I need to replace them. My booth is small, so smaller panels would be fine, but I m not sure about size, wattage, K levels etc. Any advice is appreciated. Getting my records in order for the tax guy today, doing inventory and generally staying out of the shop so that my hands can heal from the damage done doing Christmas work. It gets worse each year. Oh, Happy New Year!..Rob


Rob, this is probably out in left field re the professionality of what you’re talking about but…
I bought this little “foldio” photo box with led light strips. It’s very convenient but the light strips show up in the shiny silver and stones in photographs. The light quality is good but it definitely needs a filter over the lights.

Just bought a new light over my bench with led lights under an opaque white cover. Light is wonderful. It makes me so happy!



Pegi…Thanks for the reply. I too looked at the foldio, but made my own out of heavy translucent film. It works very well. I have attached some pictures that show the set up. I have used LEDs in my shop for a couple years. It is amazing what you can see in this light. It is especially useful for finding firescale. I will probably buy a couple LED panels to see what they do for me. Thanks…Rob