Leather sandbag

I am looking for a leather sandbag for metal formation. Can anyone
help me?

Dianna Russell

It is very easy. You go to a thrift store or flea market and pick up
a leather handbag for less than $4.00. Get one withous snaps but with
a zipper. Avoid lots of pockets on it. Then you take two plastic
shopping bags, place one inside the other, fill them with sand so
they will fit into the handbag tightly, knot the plastic a couple of
times and zip it up in the handbag. Now you have a sandbag with a
handle. Start with it stuffed a bit as the leather will stretch a
little in use. best Charles

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ok. now I have a probably dum question…what do you use the stuffed
leatherbag for?


You can try your local auto parts store or contact Eastwood Co. for
their leather bag. http://www.eastwood.com Panelbeater Sandbag is
catalog item # 28030 Regards, Mark

I loved Charles’ idea of using a leather purse! If you can’t find a
suitable one, try making a sandbag of denim (or some other heavy,
tightly woven fabric). Make two, of the size you want. Sew (by
hand or machine) almost all the way around one of them, then
fill it it with sand. Hand-sew it closed. Sew the second one
3/4 of the way around, stuff the first (sand-filled) bag into it,
and finish sewing the second one shut. Voila!

Judy Bjorkman

At one of the the art center where I teach our sandbags are made
from jeans legs – double layers – simply tied off with string.
These are mostly used for sand dampeners – students put their steel
blocks on top of them.

At a place I taught years ago we had some very small, very full
leather sandbags that they bought from their picture framing supply

Elaine Luther

If you are going to make a cheap sandbag, use the leg off a pair of
jeans. Cut about 11/2 feet off the leg , sew one end shut, fill
with sand and sew the other end. There is is. If you are worried,
you can always use another denim tube made from the other leg and
stuff the bag inside it. I have used on like this for years.

Jim Manners