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Leather drive belts for lathes

Good day, everyone!

After almost 30 years of using my lathe with a leather drive belt,
it was time to order a new one.

After searching the web I found John Knox, a great guy who’s all
about customer service. I sent him an e-mail Friday night requesting
a quote for a 1" x 46" belt. He called me that evening to discuss my
needs and make certain the length I wanted was correct. He told me
the belt would be on its way TODAY (Saturday), and I just received an
e-mail confirming this. One other thing: If the belt ever stretches
to the point that you’ll need a new one, he’ll take it back, shorten
it, and install new Clipper clips at no charge (you only pay for
2-way shipping).

Now THAT’S customer service!

Jeff Herman

Leather is one option and is very nice if you can get the right
sort. I had a similar problem on my pillar drill machines. one has a
2in wide belt the other a 1in wide. I solved my needs with seat belt
webbing sewn on my singer 45k industrial, after gluing the ends first
with rubber solution. The usual application of flat belt spray of
belt stick ensured no slip. On the 2in machine some 6ft high, I have
drilled die blocks with drills up to 1.5in dia, and other steel work
when needed.

But then ive some big kit here. that is ancient and needs mending
from time to time. Bit like me! The latest project (some 2 yrs ago
tho) was building a 50 ton hydraulic log splitter to go on the back
of my farm tractor. It needs to be that strong as all my wood is
crooked knotty oak, and has to be split from 3ft lengths.

Were always up to something.

Currently working on the tooling to mount abalone shell disks in
silver. I came by 450 off them some 18mm dia.

What takes the time is levelling them to all the same 2mm thick! the
plan is to blank out 22mm dia disks then drop in the shell and do a
rub over setting in.5mm argentium. after soldering on the “u” shaped
links to join them together in various ways.